IFF – Mentoring Sessions

Dear Mentee,

Connecting with mentors and experts is an excellent way to get industry advice with a personal touch while expanding your network and discussing aspirations, ideas and making career  decisions. The mentoring sessions are comprised of four mentees meeting to have a conversation with you, the mentor, and also learn from the questions and experiences of their peers. Mentees may take the opportunity to sign up to talk with the mentor’s area of expertise, such as cinematography, direction, screenwriting, production, and post-production, however they are free to sign up with any mentor of their choosing.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to help guide you during the mentoring sessions:

The role of the mentor
A mentor is someone who is in a position to advise you on how to accomplish your goal.  He/she is someone who can give you advice and guidance. A mentor is NOT a coach. They are not there to push you outside your comfort zone or make you accountable for your actions. Their job is to be an advisor and provide insight based on their experience.

Mentor Selection
Take a look at your goals. Perhaps you’re producing your first film or you’re interested in making the move from editing to directing. In the first scenario, perhaps a seasoned producer would make an interesting mentor. Or in the second scenario, it may be a Director doing similar projects. Sometimes mentors from different areas of expertise can provide a unique perspective.

Think About Outcomes
Think about what advice, guidance and suggestions you need in order to accomplish your goal or project.  For example, you can request to get suggestions on your strategies and timeline, suggestions on people you should meet or ideas on how to reach those people.  Perhaps they can help you with your pitch and how to perfect it.

Be Prepared
Don’t expect your mentor to generate the conversation; have your questions ready.  Brainstorm with friends and colleagues if you need to and have a list of questions ready.